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 Bengal breeding

Ch Thar Tizian Tufan

Sire: Gentleman des Griffes de Feu

Dam: Ch Thar Magnolia

Own breeding

HCM-Screened normal August 2014            PK-Def: N/K

Tizian is really a stunner! A huge male with an amazing coatquality, lovely expression and beauty. I´m so proud of this outstanding male who has it all and has given me awesome offspring.

These earlier studs and queens have meant a lot to my breeding programme.

Ch Thar Magnolia

Gentleman des Griffes de Feu

CH Thar Uno, F7

Sire: Majesticpride Sun Ra of Thar

Dam: CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess of Thar, F6

Own breeding

HCM-Screened normal August 2014       PK-def N/N through his parents

I really like this lovely seal lynx male. He´s got a nice type with relatively small wellplaced ears and good whiskerpads. Uno has a long, strong muscular body, no stripes and nice rosetting. He´s a very nice and active male, who sees to that his human and feline family is in good shape. Uno has done really well in the showring both in WCF where he got Ex 1 and BIS. At a TICA show in Belgium, On Safari, he earned the champion title and 9th best bengal in a congressfinal.

Majesticpride Sun Ra of Thar

Sire: Majesticpride Batik

Dam: Majesticpride Little Miss Ruby

Breeder: Pamela Langevin, Canada

HCM-Sreened normal July 2011         PK-def: N/N

Sun Ra is an oustanding male with his crisp t-shirtwhite tummy still after 2 years of age. His rosetting and colours are amazing too. He also has small ears, short supersoft pelt with warm colours and a lovely temper. Sun Ra has given me some stunning females to continue my whited programme.

Junglekatz Shanti of Thar, F7

Sire: Rainforest Heza Hoot of Junglekatz (ALC Taro, ALC Kabuki)

Dam: Junglekatz Raven, F6 (ALC Phantom, Baghara-Sergura Khan of Kent)

Breeder: Bonnie Tanner, USA

HCM-screened normal March 2015          PK-Def: N/K

I´m so happy that Bonnie gave me the opportunity to take this lovely typey female to Sweden. She´s given me an amazing litter together with Brownsugar Freestyle and I´m so looking forward to seeing the offspring of Betty Boop and Nanuk. Shanti is a rather big female with a lovely head, small ears and wonderful green eyes. She´s also a very sweet natured cat. A huge thank you to Bonnie for the trust!

Thar Naisha, F6

Sire: Bengalarium Tevez

Dam: Thar Eysha, F5

Own breeding

HCM-screened normal March 2014          PK-Def: N/N

Naisha looks very much like her mother Eysha and her character shows many similarities too and I just love them. She´s intelligent, strong and a supermum. She´s got a long straight profile, lovely coatquality with loads of glitter and good contrasts. Her temper is great and she´s given me 2 lovely litters. Her daughter Zelda Starlight stays here to continue my first line.

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