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CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess of Thar, F6

On Safari winner 2010, New Mexico, Breeder´s choice Best adult head and 9th Best adult

Sire: DGC Junglekatz Chunky Moto

Dam: CH Beechwood Artemisia of Junglekatz

Breeder: Bonnie Tanner, USA

HCM-screened normal 120117 and 140331 (at 4,5 years of age)

PK-def N/N


Elsa is now retired and has found her forever home.

Elsa is absolutely wonderful and I´m so overwhelmed that Bonnie let me have this outstanding queen! Her sire Chunky Moto has a whited tummy and Elsa has a whited expression and comes from whited lines. She has an amazing wild type with a very good horizontal flow to her pattern. Her tail is thick and partly spotted and her coat is actually glittered. She moves in a magical way and her eyecolour is awesome. I also love her puffy big noseleather. In her lines we find the ALC´s from Centerwall, Kabuki, Phantom, Bonzai, Art Deco and Baghara-Sergura. Elsa gives me excellent kittens and she´s a very good mum. She´s also done well at shows in the USA and she´s a great asset to my breeding. Thank you Bonnie for trusting me with this gem!

DGC Junglekatz Chunky Moto

Photocourtesy: Bonnie Tanner

HCM-screened normal 2014-02

at 4,5 years of age

CH Beechwood Artemisia

Photocourtesy: Kelli Faram

HCM-screened normal at 8 years of age 2015-07-07

Ch Thar Shiva Galaxina, F7

Sire: Majesticpride Sun Ra of Thar

Dam: CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess of Thar

Own breeding

HCM-screened normal 140331

PK-Def: N/N through her parents         

Shiva is retired and has found her forever home.

Shiva is just adorable and she indeed looks like a miniature leopard with a very light tummy. She has a lovely type with nicely set relatively small ears, big eyes and noseleather. Her colours are warm with nice contrasts and she has a good flow to her pattern and no stripes. Just like her mother she has spots down her tail. I´m really looking forward to her upcoming litters. She earned her champion title at the WCF-show in Uppsala 2015.

Thar Shaka Khan, F7

Sire: Majestipride Sun Ra of Thar

Dam: CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess of Thar

Own breeding

PK-Def: N/N through her parents    PRA-b: Normal    HCM-screened normal 2016-01-12

Shaka Khan is a dream come true. She´s the full sister of Shiva. Shaka has an amazing type and her eyecolour is fascinating. Her tummy is still whited a over 2 years of age. She lives with Sofia and Micke who spoil their princess to bits.

Thar Xanthia, F7

Sire: Ch Thar Tizian Tufan

Dam: CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess of Thar

Own breeding

PK-Def: might be carrier            Xanthia has moved to Purebliss bengals in the UK.

Xanthia is simply stunning with her great type, huge eyes, lovely rosetting with amazing flow and no stripes and her tummy is light. She has very long hindlegs, which makes her an outstanding jumper. She´s extremly fast when she´s playing, climbing and hunting her toys. Her first litter was outstanding.

Thar Xeraphina, F7

Sire: Ch Thar Tizian Tufan

Dam: CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess of Thar

Own breeding

HCM-screened normal on the 29th of November 2016         PK-Def: N/N     PRA-b: Normal

Xeraphina, aka Karma, is full sister to Xanthia. She´s really quite stunning, somewhat warmer in her colours. Just like her sister she´s full of energy and mischief. Karma is being spoiled by Jessica and Fred and their 2 boys. She has a companion in Zodiac, son of Naisha and brother of Zelda. We´re so looking forward to her first litter.

Thar Zelda Starlight, F7

Sire: CH Thar Uno (SLP), F7

Dam: Thar Naisha, F6

Own breeding

HCM-screened normal on the 3rd of October 2016       PK-Def: N/N through her parents

PRA-b: Normal

Zelda comes down from my first bengal, Batschi of Mill´s Road, and it feels amazing to now be able to introduce this typey female, 5th generation of my breeding. It´s visible that she carries the snowgene through her light colours and eyecolour. Her eyes are huge, really nocturnal. She has small pawprinted rosetting with a very good flow and no stripes. Zelda also has a very light tummy  and I hope she´ll keep it.

Thar Moonflower

Sire: CH Thar Uno (SLP), F7

Dam: Ch Thar Magnolia

Own breeding                               

HCM-screened normal on the 30th of December 2016      PK-Def: N/K       PRA-b: Normal

Moonflower, aka Mimi, comes from a line that I´ve been working with for several years and it produces amazing rosettes and indeed Mimi has some really nice rosetting. She still has a whited tummy and it comes mainly from her sire´s side. Her pelt is supersoft and silky and she has a very sweet nature. Mimi did well at her first WCF-show and got Ex 1 and BIV.

Ch Thar Magnolia

HCM-screened normal 2014-07-24

at 4,5 years of age

Thar Betty Boop, F6

Sire: Brownsugar Freestyle, F5

Dam: Junglekatz Shanti of Thar, F7

Own breeding

HCM-screened normal on the 30th of December 2016      PK-Def: N/N           PRA-b: Normal

I got the great opportunity to get a second cat from Bonnie at Junglekatz and I´m so happy she made it possible for me to get some more of her amazing and typey lines. Shanti got the chance to date Brownsugar Freestyle, from my good friend Chiara and I´m so greatful for that. They produced an amazing litter. My wholehearted thank you to Chiara and Bonnie for making this possible!

Betty Boop, aka Doris, has a lovely type, small ears, supernice rosetting and a whited tummy. She lives with Peter and his family together with her brother Nanuk (Harry) and Zenith, son of Naisha. Doris has had amazing results at the 2 shows she´s been to so far. At the WCF-show in Gimo she got Ex1 and NOM. At On Safari Europe in Holland she got outstanding results and I´m so happy for that. It was a huge competition with more than 70 bengals. She got Fourth Best Bengal Kitten, Breeders choice Best bengal kitten whited tummy and Best bengal kitten nose leather. Doris also earned 2nd best division and 2nd best colour as well as third best in colour and division and 10th best in the allbreed kittenfinal. Wow! What a show!

Brownsugar Freestyle

Photocourtesy: Chiara Lombardi

HCM-screened normal 2015-12-10

at 2,5 years of age

Junglekatz Shanti of Thar

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