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 Bengal breeding

Brownsugar Casanova of Thar

Sire: RW TGC Bodcaubayou Just Zack

Dam: Casarocca Expelliamus

Breeder: Chiara Lombardi, Italy

PK-def N/N     PRA-b: Normal       HCM-screened normal May 2016 and July 2017

Casanova is an absolutely stunning male that I got the honour to bring to Sweden. He´s big, muscular and with good boning. He´s got the thickest tail I´ve ever seen and he´s got the sweetest temper, a real cuddlebug. His type is excellent with very small wellplaced ears, big whiskerpads and a good flow to his pattern. So far he´s got a whited tummy. I´m really looking forward to his first offspring. I´m more than greatful that Chiara has trusted me with this oustanding male! He´s going to be a great asset to my breeding programme.

At On Safari Europe judge Jay Bangle put him as her best bengalkitten in the congress, which means loads to me! He also got 5th best in colour and 4th best kitten in the allbreed final by judge Jay Bangle. Other than that Casanova got Breeders choice Best bengal kitten male, Best bengal kitten body och Best bengal kitten tail and 10th Best bengal overall kitten. I´m so proud!

RW TGC Bodcaubayou Just Zack

Photocourtesy: Chiara Lombardi

HCM-screened normal 2015-12-10 at 4,5 years of age

Casarocca Expelliamus

Photocourtesy: Chiara Lombardi

Thar Xerxes, F7

Sire: Ch Thar Tizian Tufan

Dam: CH Junglekatz Amazonian Princess, F6

Own breeding

PK-Def: N/N   PRA: N/N         HCM-screened normal October 2015 and 2016

I´m very proud of my homegrown big boy. Xerxes is big, muscular with great boning, small wellplaced ears, beautiful rosetting with a good flow. He also has a thick short tail. At his first WCF-show 2015 he got Ex 1, BIV and BOB. Xerxes is coowned with 2 other breeders. I have plans to mate him with a couple of my queens during 2016.

Thar Nanuk, F6

Sire: Brownsugar Freestyle

Dam: Junglekatz Shanti of Thar

Own breeding

PK-Def: might be carrier     PRA-b: to be tested         HCM-screened normal June 2017

Nanuk is living with Cilla together with his sister Betty Boop. This male is just wonderful with an outstanding pattern and type. It´s a very big male of almost 8 kg. 

Photocourtesy: Chiara Lombardi

HCM-screened normal 2015-12-10

Junglekatz Shanti of Thar

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