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The website will be updated shortly. In the meantime please look at the Swedish version. Feel welcome to contact me for more info.

Thanks for visiting my website! I work fulltime, but my breeding is more than a hobby, it´s a passion and lifestyle. My breeding programme is small and my cats live with me in my home and to me the socialization of the kittens is very important and therefore I only have few litters a year. To me every kitten is an individual with it´s special purrsonality and I first and foremost place my kittens as loving pets, but occasionally I´ll let kittens go to smaller trustworthy breeding programmes.

My breeding goals are big beautiful cats with good type, that shall resemble the small forrest dwelling cat following the TICA standard. To me it also means working with the whited tummy, good contrasts and a good temper. Good health is a big part of my work and that´s why I keep it small and I keep my breeding free of giardia and tri trichomonas. I also screen my cats regularily for HCM.

          Welcome to my website!

Ann-Catrin Ljusberg, Proud member of TICA, TIBCC and TIBCS.

Breeding permission by the county Administrative Board of Stockholm.

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